Winyah Indigo Society Hall


The Winyah Indigo Society Hall built this hall to replace an earlier structure. It was designed by renowned architect E.B. White, who created many notable South Carolina structures. The building was built in 1853 to serve the society as a school, meeting place, and library. It was used as a hospital for Federal troops during the Civil War and is registered with The National Register of Historic Places. It is often necessary to make modifications to historic buildings to make them compliant with accessibility code requirements. Work was carefully planned and undertaken in a manner that resulted in minimal loss of historic exterior and interior character-defining spaces, features, or finishes. As a result of this project, the facility is now handicap accessible with a handicap ramp, elevator, and handicap accessible restrooms. Design of the addition by Tych and Walker Architects.

Project Details

Historical Renovation

Location: Georgetown, SC