Co Sushi


Located in Market Common in Myrtle Beach, CO Sushi is a 2,000 sq ft restaurant that was completed in June 2014. This project was an interior renovation to an existing retail store. This was a coordinated effort on the part of e3 studio, Coastal Structures, Landlord, and Tenant to complete this project within four months including the development of construction documents.
“The interior design of this project takes cues from the established CO Restaurant located in Charleston, SC. There is a balanced mix of old materials with new contemporary materials for a unique interior setting. Lighting control was another major factor in creating the inviting dining room. The floor plan is arranged in a very efficient manner maximizing the amount of seating while allowing for a very functional kitchen at the same time. Overhead garage doors were punched into the existing exterior wall of the building to allow a connection between the interior and exterior bar. Moreover, an exterior dining area provides a much desired outdoor social setting.” – Erin Blalock, President of e3 Studio

Project Details

Restaurant Interior Renovation

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC