Staying Open During Business Renovations

At Coastal Structures, we know its not only ideal to keep the doors open during renovations – it’s necessary.

Coastal Structures has renovated many local businesses and hospitals that needed to stay open during construction.

As a trusted leader in commercial construction throughout the Grand Strand, we put together a few guiding principles on the steps we take to complete construction, safely and efficiently, that allows our clients to still operate. 

Step 1: Risk Assessment

First and foremost, a commercial construction team will conduct a risk assessment for completing the project. During this assessment, the team will analyze the impact the construction will have on the property in order to select the appropriate equipment needed and what safety precautions need to be implemented for business employees during the construction process.

In fact, Coastal Structures construction managers were originally trained to provide comprehensive risk assessment and management for complex healthcare renovation and expansion projects.

Step 2: Containment During Construction

‘Containment’ is a construction term that refers to the application of techniques, equipment, and procedures to control the impact of construction on areas adjacent to the construction zone. For example, these impacts might include air quality, noise abatement, or debris removal.

  • Special equipment is used to compartmentalize the construction area and control air pressure
  • Filters are used to catch microscopic air particles
  • High quality covered containers are used to remove construction debris
  • Laser particle counters are utilized to monitor and ensure that the air quality is good in both contained and uncontained areas

Depending on the initial risk assessment, not all of these may be required for a typical commercial project depending on the work to be done, but are available if needed.

A perfect example of a business operating during construction is the recent Coastal Structures’ project with Christopher’s Fine Jewelry on Pawleys Island. The team stripped a part of the building down to the shell to renovate it for their new Rolex showroom.

“Coastal Structures allowed us to operate with minimal interruption. When possible, the noise was kept to a minimum. The dust factor was handled as best as possible and was kept to a minimum. Their cleanliness was excellent in keeping the space safe and tidy throughout the renovation process of each day.” – Christopher Cervici, owner of Christopher’s Fine Jewelry.

Tips for Businesses:

At Coastal Structures we work closely with our clients to make things as convenient as possible. Below are a few tips for business owners to help keep their operation smooth sailing during renovations.

Step 1: Assess the situation

Your construction team will be able to lead you every step of the way during your renovation project. But you know your customer best. It’s crucial to understand how your business will be affected by the renovation so you can make the right adjustments for your customers’ needs.

What parts of the building will be affected? Will any entrances or exits blocked? Is noise a concern? What parts of your business will you need to rearrange?  Will you need a new fire safety plan?

Your Coastal Structures project manager will develop a containment plan and review all of these questions with you so you can prepare accordingly.

Step 2: Communicate with your customers

Once you have identified what the changes during your operation might be, communicate that to your customers.

Send out an email or newsletter to your customers explaining the construction and any changes to normal business operations. This could include customers parking in a different spot, using a different entrance, or a slight change in hours or operation. They will appreciate your customer service even more!

At Coastal Structures, we aim to deliver quality work with minimal impact on your daily business operations. If you are seeking a renovation for your business, please contact us at

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