Coastal Structures Spotlight: Christopher’s Fine Jewelry

At Coastal Structures we are fortunate to work with incredible local businesses that have become longtime customers, including Christopher’s Fine Jewelry, a local staple in Pawley’s Island for 25 years.

Coastal Structures built Christopher’s Fine Jewelry’s current building 13 years ago, and has since provided other projects for the store. Just this year, Coastal Structures completed and in-store renovation for Christopher’s new Rolex Boutique. So we talked with owner, Christopher Cervini, to share his experiences with the Coastal Structures team.

How has your experiences been working with Coastal Structures?

Working with Coastal Structures 13 years ago with the major undertaking of creating my building and recently again with my in-store renovation was truly a pleasurable experience. Whether building from scratch or conducting a renovation is an intense and sometimes stressful process. Coastal Structures understands this and is extremely professional in making one feel comfortable and at ease.

Why did you choose Coastal Structures to come back to complete your building renovation?

I chose Coastal Structures to do my renovation for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they work with honesty and integrity. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Their staff is professional with many years of experience in the field. Their completion of tasks is either on time or completed earlier than expected. And I know this going to be hard to believe – but on both projects, both big and small, they came in under budget. Again their professionalism, honesty and integrity shining true by passing this savings on to me. 

Can you describe your recent renovation provided by Coastal Structures?

The new addition was an in-store renovation. Coastal Structures carefully removed a section of Christopher’s store down to its shell. Once this process was complete the redesign of walls, ceiling, electrical, and plumbing took place. Then lastly the installation of our new Rolex Boutique was installed and completed with the finest attention to detail.  

What stands out to you the most about Coastal Structures?

Coastal Structures does not build and leave, they are with you as needed. Any follow up, any punch list items, any needs that were not anticipated, they are there to make sure issues are addressed and completed properly. Professionalism is very difficult to find anywhere.  

How did the Coastal Structures manage the renovation in your store while you were still open for business?

Coastal Structures allowed us to operate with minimal interruption. When possible, the noise was kept to a minimum. The dust factor was handled as best as possible and was kept to a minimum. Their cleanliness was excellent in keeping the space safe and tidy throughout the process of each day.

As a local business yourself, what does it mean to you to work with a local contractor?

Being a local, working with Coastal Structure was important to me for a number of reasons. One, their accessibility when needed was prompt. Two, it’s extremely important to me to support my local economy. And three, I can truly say I have made some wonderful friendships with the owners and some of there operators. 

To summarize, working with Coastal Structures is truly a pleasurable experience. Building projects and renovation it is not always easy. Things occur that are not anticipated, human error takes place, whatever the occurrence, Coastal Structures stands behind their work. They deliver an outstanding finished project on time, within budget and with honesty and integrity. I consider Coastal Structures one of my partners and friends regarding any of my building needs.

At Coastal Structures we are beyond humbled to work with such fine local businesses as not just longtime customers, but as partners and friends within our community. We hope that our work with Christopher’s Fine Jewelry matches the outstanding customer service and products that they provide.

Please visit Christopher’s Fine Jewelry in Pawley’s Island for one of the most enjoyable jewelry buying experiences (especially this holiday season)!

Posted on December 6, 2018 in Blog

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