Mobile Apps in Construction

Construction Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are almost everywhere these days. Because they are generally cost-effective and are so easily accessible, there is an app for pretty much every aspect of life. And the construction industry is not immune to the phenomenon.

Why would construction companies need mobile apps, some may ask? Here are some great reasons for using mobile apps on your construction sites.


The amount of money companies can save by using mobile apps is one of the biggest reasons to invest in them. In many cases, small- and medium-sized businesses can now compete with the bigger construction businesses thanks to mobile app usage.

For example, companies can save thousands of dollars by using an app like Construction Manager. Construction Manager allows the transfer of maintenance logs, daily reports, project estimates and time sheets between company headquarters and construction sites. It also gives salespeople and estimators the ability to create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects.

Ease of Access

Mobile apps help companies share, send and access information about their project whenever they want.

Most apps are designed to accommodate the business and factor in the vertical aspects of construction. This makes it much easier for businesses to design their sites and plan out what they want to build. Unlike blueprints and paper drawings, many mobile apps also allow you to see a 3D design right on your screen.

Construction businesses can then access their designs, orders and even sometimes their live feeds from any devices they want. Laptop, tablet, cellphone — they can all put your vital files right in the palm of your hand!


Mobile apps can be used to account for staff members as well. The apps can use GPS tracking to monitor when workers are at the site, the amount of time spent there and their progress throughout the day. This can greatly increase productivity and prevent delays that may cause further problems.

Another advantage of using mobile apps is they can be used to more easily keep track of deliveries and supplies. This way, the company knows when to expect certain equipment and can account for any delays.

A great app that maintains accountability is Viewpoint for Mobile.  The Grid Time Entry lets users track time and productivity in a grid, which has the feel of a spreadsheet. Also, users can take and organize job-site progress photos that are tagged automatically with a date, location and job code.

Resource Conservation

Go green! Mobile apps are a great way to cut down on paper usage. This may not be a top priority for your company, but it sure is a great benefit. Now companies can be more efficient and feel good about doing it.

It may seem like apps and technology are taking over our lives — and in many ways, they are. But the benefits are surely outweighing the costs. Mobile apps are exploding throughout the construction business and will only continue improving productivity.

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Posted on May 9, 2016 in Blog

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