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Recent Construction Changes

Do you know all the current safety regulations in the construction industry? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the business, or just looking to hire a contractor, you should be aware of the construction changes taking place. If you’re knowledge on the subject is lacking right now, we have the perfect topic for you! Construction…

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Ready for Renovation

Planning to modernize your company image, increase the visibility of your office, or improve the efficiency of your current space? How about all of the above? A renovation can seem like a large project to tackle but don’t fret, we’re here to help. There are lots of reasons to consider renovation of your space. Not…

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8 Tips for Selecting a General Contractor

So you’ve decided that you need a new building because your organization has simply outgrown your current building, but you aren’t sure how to pick one of the many different general contractors available. This process can seem daunting and it should carry the same weight and importance of any other major decision – careful planning,…

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Trends for 2016 in Commercial Construction

Make way for the Millennials!   Driven by mobile technology and a strong sense of environmental sustainability, workplaces are changing, mostly for the better. As 2015 is winding down the commercial construction industry is entering a new era of transformation, focused on mobility and sustainability. While trying to minimize global footprints and maximize office workspace, commercial…

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Welcome to the Our Blog

Goodness, time does seem to fly by, doesn’t it?   It seems just like yesterday that we started Coastal Structures. Back then we really didn’t know the direction our business would go. But we knew a couple things that we figured would help us out along the way.   We knew that if we worked…

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