The Benefits of Negotiated Projects with Coastal Structures

There are multiple ways to execute your construction project, one being “negotiated” and the other being “bid.”


A bid contract is a fixed price process where contractors submit proposals that meet your project specifications by a certain date. This project is usually awarded to the lowest bidder and leaves the owner with less control in the design and construction process.


A negotiated contract is much different. When you elect to negotiate your project, you select the best-suited contractor based on quality of work and reputation instead of relying strictly on price alone as in bid projects.


In order to meet the expectations in a negotiated project, the owner, builder, and general contractor work in tandem from the beginning to the end of the project. There are many benefits to having a contractor – especially the Lowcounty’s trusted commercial construction company Coastal Structures – on board in the beginning, including design plans, budget, and overall goals.



Being a part of preliminary steps enables construction teams to fast track your project. Being on board early in the design process, the construction team can maximize value by providing cost input into design decisions. Quality control efforts can also take place in the design phase and continue through construction. By involving the construction team early during the design phase, you can prevent changes before construction even begins.



In a negotiated project, you get to see exactly how your money is being spent with detailed cost transactions. Possibly more important than tracking expenses during construction is transparency in the preconstruction phase, which enables you to see and decide where you are going to spend your money before construction begins.



The advantage of the negotiated project approach is that the Coastal Structures team is able to manage risk on your behalf by prequalifying subcontractors and suppliers before accepting bids. As the owner, you get the best of both worlds by driving competitive pricing while maximizing quality and minimizing risk to your bottom line.



In a negotiated project, the owner gets to wear the white hat, so to speak. Information about how your money is being spent is transparent and you can direct what you value most on your project.


Selecting a negotiated approach empowers you, the owner, to lead your project throughout the entire construction process, from design to budget, with the expertise of your contractor and builder team members.


The results are cost savings, shorter schedules, higher quality, fewer changes, increased transparency, competitive pricing, better information, and better value.


As the contractor for your negotiated project, Coastal Structures is a team player and will always look for ways to add value to the project.


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Posted on October 3, 2018 in Blog

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