3 Major Benefits of Impact Glass and Why Your Business Needs It

Whether you’re looking to replace doors or windows for security, aesthetics or energy efficiency, you are heading in the right direction for your business with the addition of impact glass.

Using laminated glass is one of the most common ways to achieve impact resistant windows, also know as impact glass. Laminated glass is comprised of two panes of glass bonded together with a strong interior layer. The airspace between the layers of glass is filled with air or other gases to reduce heat transfer. The strength of these impact windows and doors have been tested and have proven peace-of-mind for homeowners and business owners, particularly in hurricane-prone regions and of those in need of reliable, effortless protection.

Energy Efficiency

According to Eastern Architectural, impact glass can decrease the amount you spend on your power bill as well as improve overall energy efficiency. Utility bills add up fast, especially in the hot or cold seasons; impact windows help reflect outside heat and regulate temperatures inside your business. These windows can also reduce solar heat gain in the summer and help retain the heat indoors during the chill of winter.

Protection from Damage

Impact glass also prevents potential damages that may result from inclement weather. Most impact glass will consist of multiple layers of glass or other synthetic materials that are capable of making shattering and penetration very difficult. These are specifically designed to resist hurricane-force winds. The coated and heat-strengthened material gives businesses with many windows a bit more stability, as well.


Security is also a huge benefit of impact glass, according to Astor Impact Windows. Not only will impact glass protect your business from potential inclement weather, but it also makes burglaries more of a challenge. It offers much more protection for people and property than regular, ordinary glass with resistance to infiltration when there is attempted forced entry; you won’t have to worry about any blows of objects coming through your windows, such as bats, bricks, hammers, etc. Impact glass provides you with the ultimate business security that will keep you and your employees safe.

Whether you want to make your business more aesthetically pleasing, to have more strict security, or you’re worried about hurricane season coming up, impact glass should be on your list of business improvements to implement this year.

Posted on June 22, 2017 in Blog

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