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Top 10 Tips to Avoid Water Damage

Water Damage Prevention Life happens – heavy rains, tropical storms, natural disasters and damages to your home. We’re not trying to scare anybody, but something is bound to happen eventually. Taking the proper measures now can prevent water damage to your home in the future. Without knowing what to look for and what to prevent,…

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Coastal Structures: Ways to Work With Your Contractor

Construction Contractor Selection Picking the right contractor to work on your home or business can be just as hard as designing it. Every contractor is different and you want to make sure you choose the right one. We’ve come up with a few different tips to help you choose and maintain a good relationship with…

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How to Go Green and Save Money on Your Next Construction Project

Go Green and Save Money It seems like every night we turn on the news, we hear a politician talking about how he or she will go green and make the environment a better place if elected. The idea of sustainable energy and becoming environmentally friendly isn’t just a topic among politicians, but also a…

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